Mena Allen, Company Director

I am a retired Nurse and Midwife and I can absolutely vouch for the effectiveness of Homeopathy and the care of Janet Mellor. I have used homeopathy for 30 years now and have seen remarkable results. Initially, like many, I was sceptical. As I midwife I understood that there was no safe conventional treatment for excessive vomiting in pregnancy and having suffered gross dehydration and weight loss during my first pregnancy I turned to homeopathy in desperation when I began with similar symptoms during my second pregnancy. Well – homeopathy worked overnight.

My youngest son developed a serious form of hay fever that affected his eyes in a very alarming way when he was 4 years old – his eyes swelled up tremendously so that he could barely see. Homeopathy resolved all his hay fever symptoms and I thankfully did not have to commit him to a lifetime of antihistamines and steroids.

3 years ago when the UK was covered in the worst winter weather I had ever experienced I developed typical flu symptoms – I stress this was not a very bad cold – I was extremely weak and almost unable to speak by the time I contacted Janet – when you are so ill it sometimes takes a long time to work out what to do. Janet’s homeopathic advice and treatment lifted the fever literally overnight. I have seen some good results from Homeopathy but I think this was perhaps one of the most remarkable. (With the correct remedy it is possible to remove the ailment very quickly). I so did not want to be ill as my son’s graduation was days away! One of the many great advantages of homeopathy is that it will do no harm and it can do great good. Thank you Janet!

Mena Allen SRN SCM [retired]; BA Classics; Company Director