Clare, mother of three

After numerous visits to the doctors with my first born and copious amount of anti biotics for coughs , chest infections, fevers , colic and not getting anywhere at all, I started to look at alternative methods of treating my children and that’s when I started to see Janet and she has treated the whole of my family for the last 10 years. We very rarely go to the doctors and the boys regard Janet as part of the family: telling her how they feel and any ailments that they may have that need treating. I myself have suffered from skin complaints , period pains, miscarriages, dizziness and general everyday illnesses and my first port of call is always my homeopathic drawer and a call to Janet for confirmation of the prescription. My husband took a little longer to “come on board” as he was one for grabbing the paracetomel or neurofen and antibiotics but he is now treated regularly for his ailments too – some longstanding but he is getting results. I have also completed a course with Janet which enables me to treat myself and family for everyday illnesses and complaints.

She is part of our lives and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Clare, Mother of three and Homemaker