Anonymous Client

I was (fortunately) introduced to Janet shortly after the loss of my father. I had never used homeopathy and to be honest had very little faith in it as all I had ever known was conventional treatment. Janet successfully helped me work through my bereavement and the list of other ongoing problems I had.

One of the main childhood conditions I had was acne: 5 years of conventional medications such as steroid based creams, the contraceptive pill, antibiotics – nothing worked. Within a few months of using homeopathy with Janet my condition was healed. Having always suffered with low self esteem/confidence issues homeopathy helped remove the root of me feeling like this, allowing me to become a much happier, confident bubbly person (the person I always knew was there). I was amazed how well and quickly homeopathy helped me heal. I then continued to use it and now 15 years later I know nothing else but homeopathy. I have had both physical and mental/ emotional problems post childbirth which lead me to be in a very dark place but working with Janet, homeopathy has helped me get through this amazingly. I cannot recommend it enough.